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Hopp-on solution is ready when you are to drive your business and improve the user experice of your Wi-Fi.

Hotspots Management

Take the control of your network, use features as bandwidth limiting, user access, Hopp-on Wi-Fi, SMS Authentication, In-Session, Premium Access and many others.

Analystics & Insights

Convert unknown visitors into known customers. Collect valuable insights, analyze them & sync user data into popular system such as Sales force and others.

Wi-Fi Monetization

Open your network and offer this new media space to advertisers and nearby businesses. Make money thanks to Hopp-on Wi-Fi solution. In no time.

Hopp-on Wi-Fi Solution for Businesses

Today the Internet is the gateway to everything that the world has to offer,
all you need to truly explore it is a virtual passport - WI-FI

Key Features & Advantages

Secure, Reliable & Complete Control

Completely secure your Wi-Fi network from any unauthorised access. We adhere to the highest security standards and comply with the DOT and Government guidelines. Our solution allows you to keep Staff intranet and customer internet separate while using the same physical infrastructure. Usage limits, Session limits and Speed control can also be managed through the system.

Wi-Fi Analytics

Our Wi-Fi analytics solution enables you to analyse client data in real time. This will allow you to understand your clients better with an insight into their usage patterns, consumption patterns and by monitoring their daily activity. It also provides site-specific analytics to understand demographics, trends, customer behaviour etc.

Dashboard & Reporting Engine

Data Capture & Export…

Manage your information, communication, entertainment and marketing solutions comfortably using the single dashboard Using our clearly organised dashboard, you can filter exactly the information you need. For this purpose, we use widgets for specific key data essential to your industry. Using drag & drop, you can move these widgets to the dashboard so you only see what you want. Different reports can be accumulated for data analysis and Business Intelligence.

Customer Data Base

Engage customers at various levels…

Display contextual toolbar when users connect to Wi-Fi network in your venue thus providing all the required information to your customers when they need it.

Through our Wi-Fi solution unique & verified user information like Name, Age, Mobile number, Email etc can be collected, helping you to build a customer data base which can be used for Marketing campaigns. The campaigns can be launched via Notifications, SMS or over email. Our solution can not only tap the active users but also the inactive users as well. The solution can treat a specific segment of customers as VIPs and provide a different treatment.

Business Intelligence

Through Social Advantage, Automated Feedbacks, Loyalty program & Campaign Manager…

All options are open to you, from the personal greeting on the Wi-Fi portal of your customers through to the integration of social media such as Facebook and Google+ as a login. Accompany your customers on their customer journey and obtain important information about their satisfaction and wishes.
This allows you to expand your reach through personal recommendation by your customers.
Collect automated feedbacks and analyse them through the Dashboard & Reporting Engine.

Integrate existing Loyalty programmes into your Wi-Fi portal and thereby create an additional benefit for your members. Run targeted campaigns and special offers for your members through an inbuilt Campaign Manager

Monetise Your Wi-Fi Network

Convert In-session Ads into Tangible Revenue…
Promote and market your business through Wi-Fi for higher Brand recognition…

Gain customer intelligence as Customer Data + Analytics = Knowledge. Analysis of Customer demo graphics and Customer Intelligence reports to help your business make smarter decisions, resulting in better ROI on your investment. Integrate your and 3rd party Advertisements and monetize it by sending targeted Ads which has better CTR Increase loyalty by launching loyalty programs to have repeated users, provide coupons and features to redeem it. Promote and market your business through Wi-Fi which has higher brand recognition.

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Monetise your Wi-Fi network.




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